There are approximately 6000 to 8000 known rare diseases worldwide. However, not all patients and doctors in Southeast Asia have the same access to medical treatments as compared to Western countries.

This is where the health-tech company AnthroTX comes into play.

ReBranding | Bangkok

AnthroTX Poster
ATX Visitenkarte
Logo Variationen

Anthro stands for Anthropology, and TX is an abbreviation for Treatment/Therapy.

The new logo is now responsive, as it can adapt to all sizes and backgrounds without losing readability.

The “A” from ATX is an abstract open gate or portal, reflecting in the logo icon.

With the new logo, they can easily adjust the slogan (tagline) for new marketing campaigns without altering the image.

AnthroTX Brand Guideline

The brand identity was modernized in 2024 to align with the significance of the work.