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Develop brands that not only trigger temporary hype but create long-term and sustainable impact.

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For those seeking to make a lasting impression from the get-go, establishing rapid trust with both customers and investors.

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Perfect for those striving to expand their long-term reach and boost revenue, while safeguarding their valuable content and customer data for years to come.

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Sometimes it takes more to propel a business forward.

Mentally and emotionally.


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Education is like the secret sauce for success. But only when applied.

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How does it work?

Roughly, the process breaks down into 4 steps:

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We iron out all the pertinent details, ensuring a personalized onboarding process for each individual.

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This is where I take a closer look at your company, target audience, vision, and competitors.

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Once the mood board is approved, I proceed to the design process.

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After the launch, there’s also an offboarding session where I’ll go through all the details with you and answer any questions you may have.

Giang Lu Kim

Hi, I am Giang.

Brand designer and mentor specializing in timeless and intricate projects.

With years of hands-on experience in global projects, I’m here to help brands smash their goals with focus and finesse. Let’s cook up products that vibe with local cultures and make waves!

Brands I collaborate with

  • Gruppe von Frauenunternehmerinnen
  • interior
  • Kids
  • People of colour
  • #socialentrepreneur

    social entrepreneur

So many dreams slip away because of fears, negative mindset, or challenging circumstances.

At the end of the day, the biggest regret is not taking that initial leap.

That’s why I’m dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs, helping them turn their ideas into tangible achievements and bringing their dreams to life.

Outside-of-the-box- & agile thinking:

I combine knowledge from cultural studies, design, the digital nomad community, and mentoring.

And get things done in a focused and calm manner.

More about me here.

The word itself is Japanese and means small butterfly.

Because I see every entrepreneur as a ‘KOCHO,’ needing the right resources, time, and environment to thrive, grow their ideas, and make an impact.

Design makes the invisible visible. Design gives people hope.
And design shapes a better future.

By creating stories, symbols, and campaigns that touch hearts, challenge traditions, amplify unheard voices, and turn dreams into reality.

It is the work that defines your target audience’s perception of your brand.

Branding is not just logo design.

Not always. To deliver the best results, I collaborate with other partners (from Germany and internationally) who have expertise in their respective fields.

I’ll introduce them to you soon through the Kocho Community 🙂

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Get Real Creative Collective
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„Ich durfte mit Giang schon einige Projekte gemeinsam bearbeiten und könnte mir kaum eine bessere Kollegin vorstellen! Die Zusammenarbeit ist unkompliziert und problemlos! Deadlines werden immer eingehalten!“

– Sabrina K.-Ö., Videographer & CEO of Storytellerin Content Creation UG


„Giang also has a different approach when it comes to design, one that sees it as part of a bigger and more important goal: building the best coherent offer for a business or company. That global vision, alongside his amazing design skills, can make a difference.

Besides, Giang is one of those people that can make you feel more comfortable working at a team, or facing challenges in a more positive way.“

– Miguel P., Co-founder of Companio & Dancing Latitudes

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