In Between Books Sessions

It’s an NGO that was founded in Bratislava in 2017. Their mission was to provide a platform for musicians from all genres worldwide to showcase their talents. Their performances were recorded by videographers in a book cafe and broadcasted on various social media channels such as YouTube. Since 2017, the organization has organized 107 live concerts, thereby helping unknown artists gain exposure. The project was funded by the Slovak Arts Council, an institution of the Slovak Ministry of Culture.

I came across them in Latvia in 2017. When they told me about their idea, it turned into a collaboration. For starters, a bilingual website was created according to their given brand guidelines.

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In Between Books Sessions Logo
In Between Books Sessions Website

Since 2023, they have taken a break because the voluntary members are all heavily occupied in their respective professions. But that’s not the end. After a long pause, they plan to reorient themselves. It remains exciting to see what the future holds for the NGO.

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