Legal Living Hub

Legal Living Hub is a startup founded by Olga Eichmann in 2024. Its mission is to help freelancers and small businesses comply with data protection regulations, both in administration and e-commerce.

She primarily targets startups and younger groups without neglecting established companies. The brand identity aims to reflect elegance, competence, and her warmth.

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Legal Living Hub

After sharing her idea and initial research with me in writing, and answering my questionnaire on Notion, we independently took the time to brainstorm about the name.

Legal Living Hub Logos

The name is Legal Living Hub because it will be the go-to place for information and workshops on compliance.

The term “Legal Living” refers to living within the bounds of the law and behaving morally and ethically responsibly. The name does not limit the brand in its specific subject area. Thus, she can add further topics over time.

During the brainstorming process, all suggested names were checked: whether they had already been registered as a domain and whether a trademark had been established there.

Legal Living Hub Schrift und Farbe
Legal Living Hub Stoffbeutel
Legal Living Hub Visitenkarte
Legal Living Hub Website

This gave you a small glimpse of how the collaboration can unfold. Business cards, merch, and presentations have already been created together. Here, she was able to bring in her creativity and apply certain design principles herself through my mentoring.