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Let me briefly read your thoughts:

  • You neither have the time, the expertise, nor the patience to figure out how the technical aspects work to build and publish your website.
  • You’re not really familiar with terms like hosting, server, domain, and CMS.
  • You’re tired of staring at a blank screen, wondering what content to share to tell your story and how to say it.
  • You feel like your self-portraits and standard stock images don’t convey the message you want.
  • You’ve heard the term SEO and immediately the question arises, “SEO – what? Is that necessary?
  • At that moment, you just wish for one thing…

…for someone to appear and take care of everything for you.

What you’re investing in

If you want to grow, you need a website that can do more.

Web design

Website designs tailored to your needs, whether it’s an online shop or simple landing pages.

Which types of websites do you need?

Web development

Development of responsive, privacy-compliant websites based on design and theme modifications.

I collaborate with partners who are experts in their field. Among them are WordPress specialists certified by Codeable, where only the top 2 percent of WordPress developers have passed their rigorous 5-step screening process.


This includes content structure and keyword implementation, metadata and alt text, installation of Google Analytics and Search Console, as well as submitting your website to Google after launch.


We will create a structure for your website content.

Which can be refined and optimized by professional writers who specialize in crafting original website text and conveying your message that converts.

Integration of third-party services

Integration of external marketing tools (e.g., for newsletters), customer management systems, or social media platforms that your company utilizes.

Training in website management

During and after development, you’ll be taught how to maintain your website and add content.


Consultation about and switching of hosting provider and domain, selection of stock images or photos, image editing, maintenance and upkeep to ensure your website is up-to-date and secure from cyberattacks, as well as development of plugins and integration of APIs (third-party functions)

How does it work?

Kickoff meeting

1. That’s where we get to know each other.

2. And send an estimate and sign contracts.

3. Once the down payment is received, the project is officially booked.


1. We decide on the tools to use and who will be the decision maker.

For example, I can use Notion as client portal and Trello for project management.

2. A Staging-Site will be set up.

Conception & Wireframing

That’s going to be the most creative part!

1. We collect our ideas, and after conducting research and analysis, we create a concept.

2. I start designing (using Figma) and will gather feedback along the way.

Development & Testing

1. After confirmation, your website can be programmed. We provide a Staging-Site, allowing you to track the development live and even start adding content in advance.

2.Before the launch, your website will be tested for specific points.


After the launch and payment of the remaining balance, I’ll take care of your website and ensure that everything is functioning properly.

During the launch week, I’ll show you where to find all the files, how to maintain your website, and provide some additional tips.

What customers frequently ask me

How long does it take?

You should plan for at least 4 weeks. The timeframe depends on how quickly I receive all materials or files, how promptly clients respond, and the scope of the project.

How much does it cost?

Since every project is unique, I’d like to have a conversation first to understand your requirements and goals and determine if we’re the right fit.

Most projects have fallen within the price range of 2500 to 15000 EUR. I work with transparent package tiers, which are detailed in the cost estimate.

I also require an upfront payment of 25-30% and offer installment payments, which can be broken down over 3, 6, or 12 months.

Do you charge for an initial consultation?

No! We get to know each other first. And it takes no longer than 30 minutes.

Do I have to prepare anything?

Simply enthusiasm for your idea, openness to constructive feedback, and a willingness to learn!

If you already have hosting and a domain or any other third-party services, then I would need access to them.

Can I be part of the development process?

You can follow along and comment on the design process live, as I integrate the tool Figma for this purpose.

You can track the development process in real-time, as we establish a Staging-Site where you can incorporate your content in real-time. This site is also password-protected.

Do you work with WordPress?

I’m pretty handy with WordPress, but I can also set you up with other website builders like Squarespace, Shopify, and Webflow if that’s more your vibe.

Do I need to be tech-savvy?

Don’t worry! You’ll be trained by me and my team on how to use each tool.

Do you also create legal texts such as privacy policies and terms and conditions?

I always recommend that you review these with your lawyer to ensure legally compliant texts. This helps protect you from legal actions. Additionally, I can refer you to one of my partners who specialize in data protection and IT law.

What is most important to you?

Throughout the entire process, you’ll be kept up to date and encouraged to provide feedback. Together, we’ll create a website that truly stands out.

And security comes first. Generally, I go through all the security measures with every client, to ensure their website, artwork, or personal data are protected.

webintensive day

So much left to do before going live…

I get it. There’s so much to do before getting things off the ground, and even after the launch, it seems like one challenge after another.

Ready to level up your business?

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We will figure out exactly what you need.

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